LINETX Technology software and hardware product customization service
LINETX Custom Service


What services can LINETX Custom provide?

   LINETX Technology has accumulated rich experience in electronic product design, R & D and product integration. There are mature design solutions in the field of lighting control, wired and wireless communication and consumer electronics. Can quickly respond to customer needs, provide corresponding solutions, and achieve the required functional products.

   LINETX Technology's design team can provide services including but not limited to electronic product hardware development, PCB sample proofing, SMT sample patch, ARM Linux system programming, MCU embedded programming, FPGA logic design and other services.

   LINETX Technology also provides product structure design services, which integrates the design of software and hardware with structural parts to provide customers with the convenience of integrating the entire product.


How much does LINETX Custom charge?

   First, we will evaluate the customer's needs, determine the difficulty of the entire demand, and then charge according to the workload of the entire project, that is, based on the length of the workday of the delivery period.


How is LINETX Custom product delivered?

   According to the customer's wishes and quotations, LINETX can customize and deliver prototypes for customers to test and produce customized products on their behalf, or deliver production materials to customers for their own production.


LINETX custom model: