LED Music Controller

Sync the Music and Lighting

Music LED Controller ArtNet LED Master Controller

Sync Music and Lighting

Edit the timeline of the music, adjust the time slice of each music rhythm point, drag the light effect file to the time slice, then can synchronize the music rhythm with the lighting effect.

Use Timecode

Use the external Art-Net timecode sent by the external device to synchronize with the playback of the lighting effect file, or send the timecode of the played media to the external device.

Audio Signal Output

3.5MM Audio output port, The played music can be output to the audio amplifier device

Art-Net Record

20G Hard disk、Intel CPU、Two 1G Ethernet,Art-Net data can be recorded at high speed and saved as a lighting effect file. It supports the recording of light effect data output by any software with Art-Net function.

Play on Schedule

As the master control device of Art-Net, it supports to play lighting effect files as scheduled and supports lighting effect loop playback.

LNX-900M LED Music Controller

LINETX LNX-900M LED Music Master controller device adopts INTEL high-speed CPU, has 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 20G hard disk and USB peripheral interface, etc., can be connected to a monitor, mouse and keyboard to operate the device, or Manage it through remote desktop.

The two Gigabit Ethernet ports of LNX-900M can used to record and store uplink ARTNET lighting effect data quickly and in real time, and can be configured to play the recorded LED effect data in the device. The LED effect files are compatible with other types of playback devices of LINETX, and can be copied to other types of LED SD controller of LINETX for playback. And the recorded LED effect file can be cut and edited easily by using LnxEffect software to set the frame in/out point.

LNX-900M has the functions of timeline editing of music media and synchronized playback of LED light effect files. When playing music, several time slices can be added to the specific rhythm point of the music. The time slice can be linked with the LED light effect file, the specific LED effect can be showed synchronously according to the edited music rhythm time point. The device also has a 3.5mm audio signal output port, which can be connected to an external audio amplifier or speaker for playback.

LNX-900M has timecode function. It supports receiving ArtNet timecode from external devices to synchronize the playback of local LED lighting effect files, or sending Art-Net timecode to external devices when playing local media to synchronize the actions of external devices.

LNX-900M can play LED lighting effect files as scheduled, and each lighting effect file can be assigned attributes, including whether to loop, the number of loop playbacks, and settings for playing LED lighting effect files at a specific time of the week.

LNX-900M has external DMX control port, or use remote control through ARTNET control, UDP control, and LINETX control. These functions can be all enabled or individually enabled.

Sync Music and Lights

  • Create a LED music lighting project, add LED lighting effect files to the LED show project
  • Edit the timeline of music, add LED lighting time slices
  • Specify the desired LED lighting effect file in blank time slice
  • Music and LED lighting effects have been linked, showing a synchronized follow-up effect of music lighting effects

Fast Edit Timeline

  • Follow the music rhythm and press the shortcut Ctrl+K to quickly create a blank time slice
  • Drag the LED lighting effect file to the blank time slice to link to the time slice
  • Drag to adjust the time slice to the specified position, drag to adjust the length of the time slice

High-speed Record Art-Net

  • The uplink network port is connected to the Art-Net source (LnxLight/Madrix/controller), the downlink network port is connected to the LED controller,
  • Record Art-Net data of the unlink datastream of Art-Net and forward it to the downlink port
  • The recorded LED effect file can be edit by LnxEffect or played by LNX-900M or other LINETX SD LED Controller
LED Music Controller