What is SD recording and broadcasting?

   Generally, we connect ArtNet equipment to the console or lighting software such as Madrix, LnxLight3D, Pharos to control the DMX or TTL lighting fixture on the spot and do the lighting effect. Recorded, so that these effects can be played back independently of the console, Madrix and other equipment.

   LINETX Technology ’s SD recording and broadcasting control equipment can record ArtNet data streams in real time on the scene, intelligently identify ArtNet frame data and save it to a high-speed SD card. After recording, you can cancel the on-site console or Madrix master control equipment, independent Play the last saved lighting effect.

Is it recording local data or full-field recording?

   Full-field recording. The unique data monitoring module of LINETX Technology can not only identify the local ArtNet Universe data, but also intelligently identify the ArtNet Universe data sent to other devices, and record all of them for future playback.

How long can I record?

   LINETX's SD recording control device has 16G storage space. According to the data flow calculation of 32 universes, the recording data size per minute is about 5M, and the total recording time is about 1 hour.

How to play the recorded effect?

   The recorded effects can be played through the device screen keys, WEB browser, remote cloud platform, etc.

   If you want to play a characteristic recording effect file at a fixed time, you can create a new schedule, and the device will play the effect file at a specific time according to the schedule you set.

Can I quickly switch the effect of recording through a DMX channel?

  Yes, LINETX's SD recording and broadcasting equipment has DMX external control function, which can realize the effect of quickly switching recording files through the DMX input channel.