8 Port PWM LED Dimmer

8 Ports (32-Channel) LED DMX Decode Dimmer

  • RGB、RGBW LED Strip adaptation

  • 1-8 ports can be aggregated at will

  • RDM Supported

  • DMX Isolated Port

  • DIN to centralized installation and maintenance

Support DMX decode, drive to dim of RGB or RGBW constant voltage type LED strip/fixture

LNX-280DVL DMX Decoder

LNX-280DVL is a constant voltage, multi ports DMX Decoder. Its ports can be aggregated, and the decoder supports RDM operation

LNX-280DVL has 8 PWM drive ports for constant voltage LED Strip or fixture, and each port has 5 terminals: V+/R/G/B/W, among which W white light can be configured in different working modes through RDM.

LNX-280DVL provides a wide voltage working range of 5-48V, and the maximum current of LED channel is 4A, that is, the total current of the drive port of each RGBW fixture is 16A, so the whole device drive capability is 128A. The decoder can be connected to a 12V / 24V / 48V constant voltage light bar or lamp, and the decoder has a power supply anti-reverse function and anti-overshoot function.

LNX-280DVL can remotely configure the port aggregation mode through RDM: 2-port aggregation, 4-port aggregation or 8-port aggregation can be choosed. By setting the port aggregation, it has the higher power drive capability in single DMX channel.

32 Channel PWM LED Dimmer Driver