What is LINETX DMX channel control function?

  In the application of stage lighting control or on-site lighting show, there is often a need to quickly switch on-site lighting effects according to the on-site rhythm or atmosphere. Lingen Technology's DMX channel external control, The function was developed to achieve this kind of demand,Through a DMX input channel, quickly switch the lighting effect of the master control at a specific channel value。The system diagram is as follows:

How to use the DMX channel control function?

  After the DMX control function of the main controller is turned on, it is necessary to set and confirm the address of the DMX channel controlled by the local machine, and then switch to the SD operation mode of the main controller and access the DMX cable of the console, then the DMX input channel can be passed. Switch the recorded lighting effect.

Can DMX channel control switch other parameters?

  In addition to switching SD files, you can also adjust parameters such as light brightness and running speed.