LINETX LED lighting fixture driver

   LINETX's LED Lighting fixture driver equipment receives and decodes DMX signals from the main controller or console to drive various types of LED lighting fixture. The drive types of the installed lighting fixture can be divided into constant current drive and constant voltage drive. According to the number of decoding control points, it can be divided into single-point decoding and multi-point decoding equipment; according to the driving power, it can be divided into conventional power and high-power driving equipment.


   LED constant current drive output current is constant under a specific dimming value, LED constant voltage drive output drive voltage is constant, dimming by means of PWM pulse dimming.

  So how to choose the corresponding LINETX LED driver?
  1. The advantage of LED constant current drive equipment is that it conforms to the VI characteristics of LED light fixture, which helps the long-life operation of LED, and it will not cause damage to the drive equipment in the case of output short circuit. The disadvantage is that its driving power is not as large as that of the constant voltage type, and the application cost is higher than that of the constant voltage type.
  2. The advantage of LED constant voltage driving equipment is that its output power can be relatively large, and the application cost is relatively low; the disadvantage is that the output cannot be short-circuited, otherwise the short-circuit high current may burn the equipment, and the constant-voltage driving method of LED, Long life and high stability work a little bit.

Does LINETX's LED decoding driver support RDM?

   LINETX's LED decoder drive device models. Drive devices with R support RDM operation. Use RDM-supported light controllers or consoles to scan all DDM-enabled decode drive devices on the DMX bus through the Discovery command. Commands centralized management of each decoding drive device.

How to set DMX address of LINETX LED lighting fixture?

   For RGB type lighting fixture, the number of DMX channels is generally three channels, and for RGBW type lighting fixture, the number of DMX channels is generally four channels. LINETX's LED lighting fixture driver equipment can be set by special LINETX DMX coding equipment, or the main control equipment can be used to code the decoding equipment. In addition, some decoding equipment has buttons and display screens. Machine coding.