Pixel LED Controller

16 Ports ArtNet TTL Pixel LED Controller

  • 64 Art-Net Universe

  • 10880 RGB Pixels

  • Gamma Correction

  • WEB Browser Interface

  • 70*100*25mm Small Size

Supported IC types: WS2811,WS2812,WS2813,TM1903,GS1903,SM16703,SM16726. And support custom parameters for new IC

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LNX-370SP TTL Pixel LED Controller

  LNX-370SP TTL pixel LED controller supports the Art-Net4. and has 16 output drive ports, each port can be configured to 1-4 universe, Whole deive support up to 64 Art-Net universes.
  The drive port of LNX-370SP supports varity LED strip IC such as WS2811, WS2812, TM1903, SM16703, GS1903. and can customize IC parameters to support new LED strip IC.
  LNX-370SP has a built-in Gamma correction algorithm to correct the dimming brightness curve of the LED strip.
  LNX-370SP uses the WEB to configure, it's very simple and fast.

Making LED Effects

  • Use free LINETX LED softwre LnxLight to create your LED lighting effects
  • Support other LED software which has Art-Net function, such as Madrix, JINX, etc.
  • Use LNX-378SD or LNX-900M to record Art-Net data, then playback to show the recorded LED effects