What's the ArtNet?

   ArtNet is a lighting control protocol. The ArtNet protocol can be regarded as a bridge between traditional DMX512 data and Ethernet data. Through the device that supports ArtNet, DMX512 data is converted to ArtNet network data. ArtNet has been widely used in the field of lighting control, and the latest protocol version of ArtNet is ArtNet4.

   Since ArtNet is a bridge between DMX512 and Ethernet, then through the ArtNet device, both DMX512 data can be converted into ArtNet network data and transmitted over the Ethernet network. ArtNet devices can also be used to convert ArtNet network data into DMX512 data for control DMX512 interface lighting.

   Conceptually, the device that converts DMX512 data to ArtNet data is regarded as an ArtNet Controller device, and the device that converts ArtNet data to DMX512 data is regarded as an ArtNet Node device. Due to the widespread use of ArtNet, most lighting console devices are used MA2 console, pearl console, etc.) and lighting software (Madrix, FreeStyle, etc.) all support ArtNet Controller mode.

   The traditional DMX512 protocol is a share bus protocol. In addition to the control protocol data, it also has an RDM (Remote Device Management) management protocol. The corresponding ArtNet4 also provides RDM support for DMX512. Through the ArtNet network, the ArtNet Node device can be used as an RDM gateway. The series RDM commands are executed and fed back to the ArtNet Controller device.

LINETX Technology ’s ArtNet control system and equipment fully support the ArtNet4 protocol, can be configured to run in ArtNet Controller mode or ArtNet Node mode, and fully support the ArtNet-RDM protocol.

Howto apply ArtNet?

   ArtNet protocol is a network protocol based on UDP message transmission. It can use Ethernet switches, routers, fiber optic transceivers and other network equipment to interconnect the console or control software with lighting fixture and stage equipment.

   When it is necessary to connect the console or the light control software to the on-site lighting fixture or other DMX devices through the Ethernet network, the LINETX ArtNet device can be configured as a Node device and connected through network devices such as switches. The LINETX ArtNet device also supports the RDM protocol. The console or light control software can search all the lighting fixture and lanterns on the scene through the RDM management command, and perform the address configuration and mode configuration for each light fixture and equipment.

What to do without a switch?

all LINETX ArtNet devices have built-in switch ,and have two switch ports, so as shown above, you can directly connect to each other without connecting external switch devices. It is very convenient to use and has low deployment costs. The connection is as shown below:

Can I convert DMX data to ArtNet data?

Yes, this application situation generally requires DMX signals to be converted to ArtNet signals and input to 3D simulation software for stage lighting simulation debugging, or due to DMX transmission restrictions, it needs to be converted to ArtNet Ethernet data for long-distance transmission through fiber .

In this case, you can change LINETX ArtNet control device from ArtNet Node mode to ArtNet Controller mode.

How to configure LINETX ArtNet device?

LINETX Technology’s ArtNet control device provides a very rich configuration means, which can be configured through the on-screen keys on the device, or through a web browser, and can also be scanned by the WeChat “LINETX Intelligent Control” applet on the cloud platform Remote configuration.

You can configure the Universe address, ArtNet Subnet address, ArtNet Net address, network IP address and other parameters of the device through the menu-based management interface:

LINETX Technology ’s ArtNet device provides a very powerful WEB browser configuration interface, which makes the configuration of the device more intuitive and convenient. For example, if you want to search all DMX devices under the device on the web, you can click "Find All Devices" in the RDM menu Yes, as shown in the figure below, the LNX-378SD ArtNet control device has found 80 DMX devices:

How to configure the equipment when not in the field? You can remotely control the device through LINETX Technology ’s cloud platform, and control the LINETX ArtNet device on-site at any time and place. Configure the remote LINETX ArtNet device through WeChat “LINETX Intelligent Control” applet:

How many DMX ports does device have?

According to the application in the field,LINETX Technology ’s ArtNet control device can provide one to eight port configurations ,Each port can be individually opened and closed. The universe address of each port can be configured on the device or on a web browser. And each DMX port supports RDM.

Worried about the reliability of the DMX port?

The DMX ports of LINETX Technology all use isolated ports. The port signals use the latest magnetic coupling technology, which can withstand 6KV lightning strikes and 15KV static tests. All do not have to worry about port damage and bad signals.