8 Ports ArtNet sACN LED Controller

32 Universes

DMX/TTL Output Signal

SD Record and Playback . Playback . RDM . WEB . Audio . DMX Control . UDP Control . RS485 Control . App Control . GPS . Upgrade . Muti-Sync . 2 RJ45


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ArtNet LED Controller

LNX-378SD LED Controller

  Advanced ArtNet LED Controller, support record and playback the ArtNet or sACN data with 16G SD card.

  Support any console or LED software with ArtNet or sACN protocol such as MA2, LnxEffect, Madirx, FREESTYLE, etc. LNX-378SD has 8 drive ports, each port can be configured to 1-4 universe, maxium up to 32 universes in total.

  LNX-378SD support DMX and TTL . DMX ports is isolated and support RDM, TTL port can drive LED strip chips such as WS2811/SM16703/GS1903 ,etc.

  LNX-378SD has 3.5mm audio jack to detect the rhythm porint of music sourced in and trigger to play SD file.

ArtNet Record

Advanced Features

  • Dual ethernet port for chain connection, no external switch required

  • DMX Control: Use DMX console to trigger the SD file to play, or set brightness, speed or other paremeters

  • Audio Control: 3.5mm audio jack, sync the music and LED lighting

  • DMX to Artnet Convertion mode

  • GPS Global Sync, LINETX Cloud Remote Control

  • Wide Voltage Input(9-55V), Anti-reverse, overcurrent protection

Record ArtNet Controller

ArtNet Record and Playback

  High-speed recording of Art-Net lighting data

  Record the Art-Net data sink from uplink ethernet port and forward it to the downlink port

  The recorded file can be playback and controlled by DMX console or sync with Audio or schedule to play.

RDM . Easily Manage DMX Fixtures

  RDM (Remote Device Manage) is a fast way to manage fixtures. Through the RDM, quickly to discovery out the fixtures connected at DMX bus, and then set/get fixture's parameters.

  The discoveried fixtures is tabulated listed on the WEB page.

RDM Over Art-Net

  As an agent, LNX-378SD supports Art-Net software or master controller to remotely manage the RDM fixture be connected.

RDM DMX LED Controller
DMX Convert To ArtNet

DMX To ArtNet

  LNX-378SD has ArtNet Controller mode,when run in this mode,input DMX data and translate to ArtNet data to send out through ethernet, Generally there are the following two application scenarios:

Inputs DMX from console, converts and outputs ArtNet data to 3D lighting simulation software such as WYSIWYG, Easy View 3D, LightingStudio, etc. to simulate the operation of the lighting.

Where when Long-distance transmission of DMX512 is required, the traditional DMX transmission distance is limited. After being converted to ArtNet, use the optical fiber network to easily break through the distance of tens of kilometers and has strong anti-interference.

Sync the Rhythm of Music

  LNX-378SD can quickly analyze audio signals in real time, extract rhythm points in the music, and sync the lighting effects through rhythm points:

Rhythm point triggers to switch SD playback files

  The SD file can be a recorded ArtNet effect file, or an effect file generated by using LnxEffect software.

Rhythm point triggers accelerated playback

  When each rhythm is detected, quickly adjust and increase the playback frame rate to achieve synchronization.

Brightness follows audio intensity

LED Audio Control
ArtNet LED Controller LNX-378SD

Easy Wiring

Dual Ethernet Ports

  LNX-378SD has two Ethernet ports, use CAT-5 cables to chained connect each controller, no external switch required.


   Each wiring terminal of LED drive port has 3 screwed install holes and easy to wiring.

TTL Voltage Output

   TTL port has V-wiring terminal, which can directly connect to power supply of LED strip


  LNX-378SD has two mounting ear and 4 mounting screw holes, which is convenient to install at different place