LnxLight LED Control Software

LED Map . LED Effect

  • Free to use, no licence required, user-friendly
  • Support custom fixture define
  • Build-in Effect, Video Effect, Screen Capture, GIF Effect
  • Multi-layer LED effect layer to composite
  • All LED effect layer has adjustable parameter
  • Record LED effect to file to play using SD card
  • Edit record file, define the frame in/out point

LnxPatcher LED Patch

  • Use general fixture library or edit to define new DMX fixtures
  • Fast LED map according to guide page
  • Quickly select, drag and adjust the position of the LED pixels
  • Save and export patch files for use by LnxEffect LED effect software

LnxEffect LED Effect

  • Create a LED lighting effect project and add multiple effect layers to the lighting effect project for composition
  • Import the LED pixels patch file generated by LnxPatcher
  • Add built-in effects, video effects, screenshots, GIF, text effect layers, etc.
  • Adjust the parameters for each LED effect layer until the desired effect

Output and Record LED Effect

  • The LED lighting effect is output to the controller via Ethernet, and the effect is showed in real time
  • Record the data of the LED lighting effect, save the file to the controller SD card
  • Switch to edit mode to edit the recorded LED lighting effect file
  • SD card LED lighting effect files can be selected to play through DMX channel, or set up a schedule to play

Edit Record File

  • Select the directory of the LED recording file and edit the frame of the recording file
  • Delete the specified frame, edit and set the frame in point and frame out point
  • Append frames from other LED recording files
  • Drag and preview the edited LED lighting effect file
  • Save the edited file for the LED master controller to play or edit it again